COMMISSIONED PORTRAIT: Sculptor Cathie Pilkington for RA Magazine

In September 2020, I was approached by the RA Magazine to shoot a portrait of Sculptor Cathie Pilkington for their Winter 2020 Issue. The image was shot in the RA keepers studio at the Royal Academy Gallery and published in print  to accompany the article in December 2020. 

As a contributor I was also asked to share my favourite deception of animal, I choose Richard Billingham’s series of family portraits which can be viewed in the image set below.   


Earlier this year, I became a member of The Luupe last month they asked some of their members to share a self-portrait and a statement as to why it’s meaningful to them.

This is my self portrait along with my statement below, you can also find the feature on their website

“I haven’t shot a self-portrait for a while, I find it very daunting, I often take silly selfies but never share it with anyone. This self-portrait is important for me as it takes me out of my comfort zone.”

PUBLISHED STORY: UN-WEDDING- Natural Bridal Styling For Laid Back Brides

Last week my bridal story was published on the Un-Wedding blog.

Concept and Styling: Spark Alice Styling @sparkaliceweddings

Photography: Hayley Benoit @hayleybenoit

Florist: Nari Lee @yinari__

Hair/MUA: Veronica Peters @veronicapeters

Model: Ellie Lewis

Glassware and crockery: Whitehouse Event Crockery @whitehouse_crockery

Candles: Fairholme @fairholme_studio

Venue: Amazon Fashion studio, Hoxton

Earrings: @shrimps

The images can be found on their website

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