TEST SHOOT: Yellows on Yellow

At the beginning of the year, I started working on a small project where I would find fruit and veg from my local super market and match it with the background. My first image “Greens on Green” was shot in January 2020 and I anticipated on continuing this project throughout the year, however due to Covid this project was put on pause. Thankfully I managed to continue the project last week in my home studio, as I’ve moved home since my last shoot, the lighting  is a bit different  but I feel that they still look great as a series. I hope to continue this project next month and produce a simular image using a different colour.  


As part of Method’s mission to support more bold, beautiful + colourful communities, Method commissioned me to create 4 surreal and creative concepts of their most loved and new products for their UK and Netherlands market.

  • Rhubarb Anti-Bac
  • Orange Yuzu Anti-Bac
  • Waterfall Hand Wash 
  • Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash 

The images were shot and styled by myself at my home studio for their organic social channels and were released in October 2020 on their Instagram story and page. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/method_uk/?hl=en https://www.instagram.com/method_nl/?hl=en 

I was also asked to create a short stop motion image for their social media. 


I’ve shared my portfolio to some agencies during the lockdown and have been advised to broaden my skills with video and motion. So I’ve been experimenting with some short stop motion videos, here’s a preview of my first video shot last week, it was very fun to do and a lot easier than expected, I’d expect to be creating more videos like these. Shot, styled and recipe by me. Totally Tacos, June 2020.

*** Next time I intend to create a stop-motion video where bites have been taken out of the food to make it look more interesting. 


Rich in vitamins, colour and flavour, this months test shoot features beetroots, shot, style and recipe by me.

It’s been a bit of a struggle shooting food during the lockdown without having a food stylist on hand, I’m used to working with Gill Nicholas for most of my test shoots. However, I was desperate to get shooting and practice on new things, I utilised my resources and my cooking skills and brought some staple props to add to the collection and created this test shoot. From experience, preparing food whilst shooting can be rather challenging, however, after a couple of failed recipe and styling attempts, I managed to get the shots I wanted.

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